The Anzio invasion took place on January 22 through May 25 1944. Was one of the most courageous and bloody dramas of the war. General Lucas recalled that it was one of the most complete surprises in history. The Germans had already sent there regional reserves south to counter attack the Allied Garigliano on January 18, leaving a nine-mile stretch of beach only defended by one company. The first wave of the attack landed unopposed and moved very quickly as soon as they landed to get inland to get set up for the attack. On the south flank, as they proceeded inland, the 3rd Division quickly seized initial objects unopposed, while the British units achieved the same success on the center and northern sides. They Allies continued to move inward, taking over small towns as they pushed toward Anzio. Eisenhower approved a plan called Shingle, it called for Army Rangers to land at Anzio and secure the port. This would also include dropping of the paratroopers to seal off the area. But radars detected 5-6 German divisions in the area, against the 2 at Anzio, one British and one American. Eisenhower realized that this new plan would not be enough to keep Anzio from the Germans. 

Overall command of the two Anzio assault forces under Rear Admiral Frank J. Lowry aboard his flagship the U.S.S. Biscayne . He was also in command "X-Ray Force" which consisted of 175 vessels, 12 destroyers, 24 minesweepers, and one sub.  

The Allied forces won but not after a hard and long battle. The US VI Corps landed on Anzio on January 22, 1944 and the Cassino front relieved them until May 18 1944. 

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