In the battle of Monte Cassino, the Allies bombed the historical hilltop on February 15 1944. The Germans needed to be even more alert and strong with their defenses on the roadblock in between Naples and Rome. Many people who had fought in the battle still remember the battle. 

One Interrogation Officer said that he can still remember the bombs coming down and hitting the hill and not knowing if they were going to  make it out alive. The troops inside Cassino could hear the Allies walking through the mud that wet winter day. The Germans used many different types of mines, including the "S" mine, which jumped out of the ground and exploded in front of you. The 56th Division was ALL whipped out by these mines. 

The air attack was by the USAF left the rifle troops in a cloud of dust, and then they were destroyed in the next bomb wave. 

"The US failed us again," said one soldier. The US was supposed to make a left hook and stop the Germans from increasing any farther. But the Germans managed to make a mannerly order back to the "Gothic Line" further back, prolonging the war for many more months. 

Cassino costed the Allies some 45,000 killed and wounded. The Germans lost some but not as many, the German success left great devastation in Italy, and the town of Cassino in total ruins. 

This is a video of the battle of  Monte Cassino

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