Bento Mussolini was head of the Italian power from 1922- 1943. He was born to a poor family, who could only afford a crowded two-bedroom house. During his younger years he was violent and had a large ego. He didn't like to pay attention at school. One time he stabbed another student and resulted in him being expelled. After he graduated he went to Switzerland to avoid having to fight in the military. But in 1904 he returned to Italy and spent time in the military and became involved in politics from there on after.

Mussolini became involved in the Socialist Party in 1900 and started to become widely known. In his speeches he was very extreme urging revolution, also made him well known. He held several posts as editor and as labor leader until he ran as the Socialist Party for Congress in 1912. 

He left the Socialist Party in 1914 to cross over the enemy camp, Italian middle class. He knew that World War I would bury Europe and he preferred the unknown world. He made himself a spokes man. Mussolini was wounded in service training but managed to come back into politics in the same year. 

In 1940-41 the army Mussolini had once been apart of it success was now badly supplied and poorly led. Italy lost its war in 1942, where people called Mussolini "Hitler's Puppet." Mussolini had drug the country down so much that nobody really liked him.

On April 28, 1945, Mussolini was executed on a firing squad at Dingo on Como providence.

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